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Be Still Side and Coffee Table

Inspired by water, “Be Still” represents the pursuit of stillness. The tables adapt and distort the environment, reflecting and changing colors depending on where they are. As people walk around the tables, the inner reflections rotate and stop with the viewer, mimicking chaos and clarity.

Find Me Dining Chair

The solid wood dining chair is about intuition, the ability to understand our needs throughout the dining experience.


Subtle shapes and forms are used for the user to find, feel, and explore around the chair. There is a sense of lightness, both physically and visually, to be versatile, and create room to breathe, blending into the environment we live in.

Anything Lamp

The "Anything" Lamp, is a pursuit of enhancing the connection between a light and its user, through meaning, and interaction.


The table lamp does not have a switch, it can only be turned on by placing an object on top of it, the lamp then illuminates both the surroundings, and the object itself. The user can find an "object of affection", to be displayed on the lamp, as a reminder to oneself of a meaningful story. Every time we turn on the lamp, we get to experience the object in its tactility, memories, and illumination, all at the same time.


So go find something meaningful, memorable, happy, sad, romantic, funny, ugly, you name it, and let there be light!

Naked Pendants

The idea of the "Naked" collection come from the visual elements of clarity and transparency, the pendant light represents a combination of sunlight and rain, spreading life through a lens of necessary elements.

The shape of the pendant can be adjusted, creating unique ambient lighting effects.

The light disappears during day time, and comes alive at night.

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