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Sustainability Comparison and Improvement

Mia's Co. Candles vs Melt Lab Candles


Mia's Co. Candles

Mia’s Co. was designed to create a quality product and share memories. Their candles are made with the guiding thought that there is “A Scent for Every Memory.”

They are committed to making natural, unique, and affordable candles. 

All candles are hand-poured in LA.

Mia's Co. Candles LCA Highlights

Mia's Co Candle Findings:

Difficult to disassemble

Use of unsustainable soy wax

Too many scents mixed in one candle

Pesticides for soy and essential oils plants

Excessive amount of transportation

Our goals and strategies from LCA findings

01. Reduce toxic emissions

  • Limiting or essential oil use

  • Eliminating soy wax

  • Replacing cotton wicks

02. Reduce transportation impacts

  • Sourcing locally

  • Relocating manufacturing

  • Extending product lifetime

Use of toxic cotton as the wick

03. Improving the process of recycling and reusing

  • Eliminating double stick tape 

  • Replacing solid glass jars

  • Dematerialize packaging

Melt Lab's new LCA

How is Melt Lab better in terms of sustainability?

Impact Score Comparison (Impact/hr)

Shorter and more efficient manufacturing system

Easy disassembly allows reusing and recycling of materials.

Mia’s Co


Reduced transportation by sourcing ingredients locally.

The use of more sustainably sound wax and wick.

Extended product lifetime for less impact.

Melt Lab


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