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Image by Wesley Tingey

Another set of candles?...

2020 - In partnership with Sarah Song

"Melt Lab" Sustainable Candles Collection

Sustainable Candles Design


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There is a great need to consider the environmental impact of this highly consumed candles market.

U.S. retail sales of candles are estimated at USD 3.14 Billion annually

Global candle market accounted for USD 8.38 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach around USD 13.72 billion by 2026

Our User Centered Goals


Designing a candle that creates a warm ambiance and helps with stress relief within the home environment.


Designing for candle enthusiasts that value both the aesthetics and the scent of the candles.


Creating a sustainably sound candle, with a retail experience that promotes the idea of sustainability.


Our Story


Melt lab offers fragrance formulations dedicated to providing a mindful and personal experience to the home environment, exuding a harmony of scents

and warm ambiance.


Investigating the candle industry through an ethical

lens has allowed us to discover many opportunities for improvement. Melt lab adopts better methods in all steps of our process to minimize negative impacts.


Through exploring how sustainable design can be comfortable, functional, and beautiful, we encourage

our customers to practice a more conscientious lifestyle.


We aim to create a fun and engaging candle shopping experience that invites you to select from a range of forms and scents to craft your very own unique candle.

The Design

Mix Vase Formations.73.JPG

Modular Wax

Different forms of wax stacked together offers customization.

Silhouette of the arrangement forms a sculptural decorative piece.

Scent changes with time

Customers can stack different scents of wax together.

A mixture of colors, texture, and scents.

Mix Vase Formations_edited.jpg

Small: 1.5" x 4"
Medium: 1.5" x 5"
Large: 2" x 5"


Disk Wax


Small: 3" x 3"
Large: 4" x 4"


Sphere Wax

Wax Selections

Selection of sphere and disc waxes to create their own silhouettes.

Mix Vase Formations.91.jpg

How do they go together?

Wooden wick (wax coated)

Aluminum wick holder

Base (Selection)

Selection of Bases




Meltlab website drawing-02-02.png

Recycled ceramics:

Japanese inspired single bodied ceramic base

Recycled ceramics + Aluminum:

Roughness of ceramics with the reflective surface of aluminum.


Assembled lazercut flat packed aluminum base.

Mix Vase Formations.81.jpg


Mix Vase Formations.84.png

Shopping Experience

candle with hand.jpg

Aluminum Candle Basket

Try out different formations while shopping.

Mix Vase Formations.92.jpg

Whats in the Box?

A home assembly experience. 

Shopping Experience

Mix Vase Formations.93.jpg

Recycled Terrazzo Candles

Leftover wax molded together and sold again.

Mix Vase Formations.86.jpg

The Scent Menu

Meltlab website menu-02-02-09.png

We source ingredients as locally as possible

Our Beeswax is sourced locally, but our Coconut wax is sourced from the Philippines because of its sustainable practices. They established the Sustainable Certified Coconut Oil (SCNO) supply chain, which is, a socially responsible, environmentally safe, and economically viable supply chain. We made sure to avoid scents such as sandalwood and frankincense due to their endangerment. Instead, we found a range of scents from plain to peppermint so that anyone can find a scent they love.  

Life Cycle Assessment

Meltlab website bg-03.jpg

In order to understand existing processes and material sourcing, we have conducted an LCA on a benchmark product. We selected Mia’s Co Candles since they offer affordable, and supposedly ethical candles. Our Melt Lab solution is inspired by our insights from the benchmark LCA but is fairly different.

We compared our design to an existing candle

Impact Score Comparison (Impact/hr)

Mia’s Co


Melt Lab


= 89.5% Decrease

Melt Lab Eco System Diagram

MeltLabLcaFin (1)-05.jpg
Meltlab website11-10.jpg
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